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What Is Strength of the SWORD ULTIMATE?[edit | edit source]

The game's called Strength of the SWORD ULTIMATE, but it might as well be named FAN EDITION since if you compare the list of features to those requested by our friends and fans you'd get 100% match. That's no coincidence, the support the devs received from the small but passionate community of the original PS3 game has been nothing short of amazing, so why wouldn't they pay them back by listening. People played the game and then sought us out to tell us all about their experience. For two guys that spent years cooked up in a sequence of small apartments working on their first independent game, finally getting it out and seeing people enjoy it – best feeling in the world.

What's From The Original?[edit | edit source]

The developers are sticking with the hard but satisfying to master gameplay mechanics already enjoyed. Call it old-fashioned, though it'd be much preferred ‘WITH AN OLD SCHOOL ATTITUDE’, but the core enjoys the brand of unforgiving mixture of a 3D BRAWLER and a FIGHTING GAME. Beating a game used to mean something as we were growing up and we want the same satisfaction to the player. The devs are also deadly allergic to button-mashing and if you get to spend some time with our game, they'll be happy to see you contaminated with the same affliction. Mind your enemy and environment and plan every move before you execute it with intent and precision. You are a deadly war machine after all.

The entire original game is ported and polished as part of the new ULTIMATE game. Every location, every blood-thirsty Monsters from the original campaign will be back with as much bite if not more. The devs are very proud of their Critters of various sizes and minds, and can't wait to introduce them to a wider audience of victims.